leslie loomisLESLIE LOOMIS

Myofascial Release Specialist
Licensed Massage Therapist, BCTMB
Prescott, AZ

Leslie Loomis offers a unique approach to therapeutic bodywork that focuses on allowing the fascial system, your body’s intelligent network of connective tissue, to guide the healing process. Through working with the fascial system and Myofascial Release, Leslie supports clients in letting go of restrictions, adhesions and scar tissue along with symptoms like pain, decreased range of motion, and postural issues. By combining left-brain assessment skills with right-brain intuition, Leslie works with the whole body and the whole Being to access deeper layers that contribute to symptoms. The results include a feeling of ease in the body, with less binding, stiffness and pain, and a greater sense of spaciousness, fluidity and freedom.


Leslie Loomis is a massage therapy graduate of National Holistic Institute, Emeryville, CA, 1992;
Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (BCTMB), #004781-00, since May 1993;
And a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), AZ #MT-02756, since March 2005.


Leslie offers therapeutic bodywork sessions in Myofascial Release (John F. Barnes Approach) and Craniosacral Therapy for the following rates:

1.25 hours $80
1.5 hours $95

*$15 off your first visit. The best way to understand this work is to experience it. Take advantage of the introductory offer and call to schedule your first appointment. Start your healing journey today!


My experience with Leslie and Myofascial Release has enhanced my life. I have learned so much about how pain and tension in one part of the body affects all parts and how release of that tension frees the entire body. I began seeing Leslie for a specific area of discomfort but now see her for the overall benefit of her skills. She is passionate about her work and cares about her clients’ well-being.

-Nanci D; Prescott, AZ

I started going to Leslie more than ten years ago to relieve aches and pains related to stress.  Six years ago, after I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, she started working mostly with myofascial release and also taught me about the physiological functions of the body as well as anatomy.  Leslie has changed my outlook on the rest of my life.  I’m so grateful for her.

-Jeanne W; Prescott, AZ



Phone: (928) 533-9642
 412 N. Washington Ave
Prescott, AZ  86301

Leslie Loomis, Prescott Myofascial Release

**Image used with the kind permission of Brook Gerard, artist. www.burramundi.com

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